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SPL app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 8848 ratings )
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Developer: Andrew Smith
7.99 USD
Current version: 5.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 02 Dec 2008
App size: 22.05 Mb

SPL is a professional-grade digital sound level meter (decibel meter) for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It includes all of the modes, filters, and features that you would expect from a professional ANSI or IEC Sound Level Meter. All filters and averaging modes meet or exceed the criteria for ANSI Type 1 standards or better. SPL is created from the same team who brought you the Audio Toolbox and ATB Plus.

Store Results -- Uses the same powerful Save / Recall engine as our premier app, AudioTools. Allows storing GPS and time-stamped results, and exporting them to your computer.

You can also use SPL with our calibrated iPhone measurement mic, iTestMic, or iAudioInterface.

The screen flips if you turn the phone upside down, so that you can point the built-in iPhone mic directly at the sound source.

*** Modes: Slow, Fast, Impulse, Peak, and Leq.

*** Filters: A and C weighting, and 10 octave band filters.

*** Includes a resettable Max field to track the highest reading.

*** Includes a reference field (except in Leq mode) so that you can set a reference level and do seat-to-seat comparisons.

The SPL meter can be fully calibrated. It comes preset with the calibration for a typical iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Most iOS devices will be within a few dB of this reading. If you have access, even temporarily, to a calibrated sound level meter, just use the calibration field on the settings scree to match the meter, and you will be accurately calibrated.

Also, see our other professional-grade audio apps: AudioTools, our premier suite of professional-caliber audio and acoustics test apps, Speaker Pop, to test speaker polarity, and RTA, a real-time analyzer for the iPhone.

And, we have a group of calibrated, accurate measurement microphones, including iTestMic,iTestMic2, and iAudioInterface2, that allows full professional results for Type 1 or Type 2 measurements.

This will allow measuring a range from approximately 30 dB SPL to 130 dB SPL. Each mic will include a calibration factor that you will enter into the SPL app for calibrated measurements. This mic will also work with Speaker Pop, our speaker polarity tester, FFT, RTA, ETC, and other acoustical measurement apps in our AudioTools app that is available now.

Also, see our iAudioInterface2 system, which supports any pro test and measurement mic.

Now includes an iPhone internal mic compensation filter, to cancel out the low-frequency roll-off present in the iPhone and other iOS devices.

See our other audio apps, including AudioTools.

Pros and cons of SPL app for iPhone and iPad

SPL app good for

Very nice!! Just one request off the top though... Please add an option to stop the screen time-out... That would be great, thanks!
This is a great application that does as advertised. We use it in a church setting to monitor levels for the congregation and work on mix levels. The application is not happy with iOS 4.1. Please update it.
Great app, really easy to use and quite accurate without additional calibration. Compared it to Radio Shack SPL meter and they are both very close.
Im not sure if Im using it rite or if its accurate but its fun to mess with and I was wondering whats the max reading on this thing everything Ive tried it on came to 107.6db can it go higher??
I agree with review 4 very nice software you have your phone with you all the time but not your audio tool box or ivie or other professional tools But you do have your phone John
I wish people would write reviews within the context of the App. This is an SPL meter that works on you phone. IE a reference tool when youre caught without your pro gear. And as such it works very well. Also, theres a reason for a 105 db threshold on your iPhone. Someone is holding a phone to their ear as you transmit a +db signal. Granted Im sure no phone manufacturer would knowingly create a reciever that would reach beyond pain and damage thresholds. Cmon people think!

Some bad moments

Does not work on the iPhone 4 (running is 4.2). It locked up and froze the phone and would not even power off! After 5 min. trying, the phone shut off.... But would not come back on! After another 5 min. my phone finally came back on, and I deleted the app. I would like my money back.
I compared it to a SPL from Radioshack and it does not even come close to being accurate. Specifically for tuning subwoofers it is off by 25db.
I have loved this app previously. In fact, I would have always given this app five stars until this version. I have been using this app for years now and I have always used the dark metal color scheme. Now the only option is white. The white color option is TERRIBLE!!!!! As a foh guy, I use this app a lot. But I think I will be looking for another app because the white color scheme adds extra light to foh and the white is extremely harsh on the eyes. If you have not updated to the newest version, dont. Its not worth it.
Ive found that UI elements do not scale correctly on iPad such as "74.5" would show up as "74..." for the peak dB value. This makes it unusable on iPad.