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Very nice

Clean, simple and handy. Glad I bought it!


Very nice!! Just one request off the top though... Please add an option to stop the screen time-out... That would be great, thanks!

Love it!

Great meter. Love that it flips around. This thing rocks!!!!

Needs an update

This is a great application that does as advertised. We use it in a church setting to monitor levels for the congregation and work on mix levels. The application is not happy with iOS 4.1. Please update it.

IPhone froze up

Does not work on the iPhone 4 (running is 4.2). It locked up and froze the phone and would not even power off! After 5 min. trying, the phone shut off.... But would not come back on! After another 5 min. my phone finally came back on, and I deleted the app. I would like my money back.

SPL App hangs when iPhone rings, otherwise cool

I emailed Mr. Smith and got an instant reply (gee I luv that). Did as he suggested, deleted and redownloaded and installed the SPL APP. Still same issue. I did some testing and if my iPhone (mine is a 3GS iOS4.3) rings, the SPL app dB readings get hung and all you can do is reboot the phone to get SPL working again. Since I have provided a repeatable senerio to aggevate this bug I have not heard back from Mr. Smith. All I can hope is he is working on it. Seems thousands (he claims) are not having trouble. Do they get calls when using it? Are they on iOS4.3?? The App says tested with iOS4.2. Otherwise, the app is nice to use and will help me in my job of measuring paging volumes over industrial noise levels. In the end, I cant give it 5 stars with a repeatable bug that hangs the SPL App and no email reply that says Im working on it and BTW thanks for the info. So was my support issue of 1 in a 1000+ treated as junk or is it being looked at? There has to be a first I figure and not everyone will call for support, so there are likely more than just me. At $8.99 (higher than average cost) Id expect proffesional support (dont feel the comment that Im the only one and no email back is a professional support). All I can hope for is a patched version shortly.

Inaccurate after iOS 8 update

Spl does not read correctly after updating to iOS 8

SPL - Studio Six Digital

Great app, really easy to use and quite accurate without additional calibration. Compared it to Radio Shack SPL meter and they are both very close.


i cant get it to wrk?? i put the micro phone next to the sound and it doesnt read it?? need help!!

Does not have the accuracy of professional SPL for tuning home theater systems

I compared it to a SPL from Radioshack and it does not even come close to being accurate. Specifically for tuning subwoofers it is off by 25db.

Pretty sweet app

Im not sure if Im using it rite or if its accurate but its fun to mess with and I was wondering whats the max reading on this thing everything Ive tried it on came to 107.6db can it go higher??


The new appearance hurts my eyes. Please let me downgrade!


I agree with review 4 very nice software you have your phone with you all the time but not your audio tool box or ivie or other professional tools But you do have your phone John


I wish people would write reviews within the context of the App. This is an SPL meter that works on you phone. IE a reference tool when youre caught without your pro gear. And as such it works very well. Also, theres a reason for a 105 db threshold on your iPhone. Someone is holding a phone to their ear as you transmit a +db signal. Granted Im sure no phone manufacturer would knowingly create a reciever that would reach beyond pain and damage thresholds. Cmon people think!

extremely useful

Its amazing that anyone gives this application anything less than a stellar review. It does what its supposed to do, does it well and reasonably accurately. It is preposterously inexpensive. And its always here, on my phone, ready to use whenever I need it. I do wish that the reviews were flagged and votes not counted when people simply cant figure out how to use it or dont like the way it looks. It renders the "5 star" voting approach meaningless for those of us who are looking for tools that work. Its a tool, not a toy or a game.

Best db meter on for iPhone.

Best db meter on for iPhone. Ive downloaded and used them all. This one is easy to use, has the most parameter settings, and the ability to record peaks. It is however, strictly a db meter. Some other meters show frequency and plots of readings over time. These would be nice features to see added. Ther one feature I think is clearly missing is the ability to utilize the capabilities of the iPhone to actually transmit the captured data. If this were coupled by the ability to record real time readings this would be an awesome application. Having spectral analysis, and perhaps capture, would make it perfect.

An excellent tool!

My only wish: Id love to have the analog-style UI from their $.99 younger brother SPL Meter.


I have recently had the opportunity to compare with a very calibrated instrument and was very favorably impressed. This thing works very well. I also checked my Radio Shack meter at the same time and its good right around 1KHz which is where -- if you read its instructions -- it is calibrated. The Radio Shack SPL meter, by the way, while a bargain for the price and quite good for what it is, is not a good tool for tuning subwoofers at all. This iPhone ap, while better, still isnt the best for subs either with the built-in mic, but worked much better with an external. Also, this aps A-weight filter is better than Radio Shacks. In conclusion, this ap is a bargain for the price and so handy to have with you. A+. My one suggested improvement: a logging mode which logs SPL at selectable intervals -- minutes and seconds -- and then can e-mail the log out in csv format with time and SPL reading.

It Works


Great App, but small issue...

I install professional audio and run sound at various events and Ive been using this app for over a year with great success. The readings are very accurate and the app is easy to use. Im glad this app came out because it is easy to check SPL on the fly without carrying a meter around with me everywhere I go. However, since the latest version came out, it has been crashing my phone every time I use it. It freezes, and my phone becomes completely unresponsive. I cannot even reboot. I would have gave it 5 stars except for this problem. Please fix this app because I use it almost weekly. Thanks.

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